How to watch your personal media on TV

If you have had your video tapes, cine film, photos, etc digitised then you can easily watch them on any modern smart TV. Smart TVs come with lots of wired sockets on the back, and the easiest to use is the USB socket. You can plug a USB memory stick into the back of your TV and then view your media on TV – view photos, watch videos on your TV, simply by using your remote control.

This video explains how to connect things to a smart TV and the first part explains the USB connection and shows how to watch your media on TV.

David Bowie unseen footage

Have you got any old cine film or video tape hidden away in your home or in your parents/grandparents home? You might be amazed at what is in these archives.

Look at this recent find

Previously unseen footage of David Bowie recovered from a university archive has been released.

The 30 minutes of experimental film was shot by friend and collaborator Prof Martin Richardson to create a hologram.

The finished product was used on artwork on the album Hours but the film remained in storage at Leicester’s De Montfort University.

And how about this:

A demo believed to be the first recording of David Bowie’s hit song Starman is being put up for auction.

The 1971 tape had been packed away in a box and “totally forgotten about” for almost 50 years.

10 Year Anniversary for Personal Media Solutions business

On 1st Oct 2019 Personal Media Solutions will be 10 years old. I started this business with just an idea that many families have lots of non digital personal media (cine film, video tapes, photos, slides, negatives etc).

This media is often stored in a cupboard or worse in the loft or garage. It is therefore very rarely shared, viewed and enjoyed.

Also this media is often degrading or even becoming unplayable.

After 10 years and 1000s of customers I have been staggered by the amount and variety of precious family media that I have been able to digitise.

It has been a pleasure to get feedback and hear the reactions from so many satisfied customers as they relive their memories.

I would like to thank all of my customers and everyone who has helped me to making this successful and enjoyable business.

You will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory

“You will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory” so said Dr. Seuss.

“You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” These are the truthful lyrics that we enjoy singing along to for the rhythm, but when’s the last time you actually stopped to think what the lyrics are saying? In the moment, we tend to take things for granted. Sometimes we fail to look around, embrace the moment and be grateful for what we have. We get so caught up in the chaos of what’s next, where we’re going, and even what happened yesterday. What we should really be doing is living in the now. Because we only get that ‘now’ once.

Some of the most valuable, precious moments we experience can slip right through our hands and not be appreciated to the fullest, until the moment is gone and becomes a recollection.

But how do you view your memories? If you are like most people, the memories may be in your brain somewhere, but a visual or audio prompt is what is needed to recall those precious memories and share and enjoy them.

Personal Media Solutions can help you share, recall and enjoy your precious family memories.

To find out more

8k TVs are more awesome than 4k but dont buy them yet

Both the idea and physical examples of 8K TVs have been around for more than a couple years so far. Even when the first mass market 4K televisions started to pick up some serious traction, major brands like Sony and others soon started showcasing concept models with stunning 8K resolution, offering 4 times the pixels of their 4K UHD cousins.

Now, in 2019, these televisions have gone from a strictly conceptual existence to actual mass market availability like never before. This was the case even in 2018 as well, as we saw from Samsung at IFA last year but when CES 2019 rolled around, the 8K display trend was taken to new heights. Thus, right now, you can buy an 8K TV in several different sizes from Samsung with prices starting at about $5000 and other options are even available from Sony, LG and so forth.

We think that buying any of them is a really bad idea and all the extra visual quality these TVs deliver is wasted along with the extra money you’d spend on them. Let’s explain why.

Reel to Reel, Lost Sid James interview

Reel to Reel – Before the days of smart phones, MP3 players, CDs etc most audio was recorded and stored on magnetic tape. Professionals and keen amateurs tended to used “Reel to Reel” tape machines.

An example of a rare reel to reel find was reported by the BBC on 9th August as follows:

An interview with Carry On legend Sid James has been recovered after 42 years sitting in a loft.

It is the last-known recording of the comedy star, and thought to have been recorded days before he died on stage during a UK theatre tour.

The lost interview was found on an unlabelled reel belonging to former BBC radio presenter Jeff Link.

It was found during the making of a radio documentary to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Carry On films.

The conversation reveals James’s thoughts on his work with comedian Tony Hancock, his many popular appearances in the Carry On series, and his quest to maintain a new fitness regime.

If you have reel to reel audio tape, we can digitise it for you, turning it into mp3 or wav audio files. For more information on digitising media click here.

Secure https website

https website – Personal Media Solutions now has a secure https website.

Secure https websites are needed when any confidential details are entered. The secure https websites encrypts the data send to and from it. Up until now most small businesses have not needed this security.

However, this may be about to change as potential clients coming to your website will be greeted with a very unwelcoming warning that your site is not secure.

Also, Google has said that non secure websites will soon be ranked lower than secure ones.

So, this is why Personal Media Solutions has upgraded its website to make it secure.

Websites1st can give you a secure website and so avoiding the above issues.

To tell if a website is secure, you will see a green padlock and the website address url will start with https:// like this one:

https website



We All Become Memories

We all become memories.

We all become memories.

I happened to see the last part of the last episode of the 2018 series “Call The Midwife”. It had a cine film running, projecting old images onto the screen. Vanessa Redgrave plays Jennifer Worth, the writer whose real-life stories formed the basis of the show. She says:

We flicker on a screen.
We fold and unfold upon the minds eye.
Brittle as wings.
Eternal as a heart beat.
And even when the heart falls silent.
We do not cease to be.
Because in the end….
We all become memories.

we all become memories

To understand more about digitising your memories click here

We scan, convert or digitise videos, cine film, photos, negatives, slides, photograph albums, audio and music.

We provide you with a digital copy of your precious memories for you to easily enjoy, share and keep safe.

Your digital copy can be supplied on USB memory stick, DVDs or internet downloadable digital files.

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