Media Systems installation services.

We supply, install and demonstrate easy to use media systems in your home. You can enjoy your video, photos, music, and the internet, on your TV / Home Cinema System, iPad, tablet or PC.

We provide the following installation services:

  • Media Players: Blu-ray Media Players, WD, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox, Chrome Box, PC, DLNA, others.
  • Media Storage: Networked, NAS, cloud, QNAP video media servers, PC backup solutions.
  • Home Networks: Unified dual band wireless home networks, Powerline, Homeplug, wireless access points.
  • Home Entertainment Systems: TVs, AV Amps, Surround Sound, Sky, Virgin, Slingbox, DLNA.
  • Internet on your TV: iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Spotify.
  • Mobile, Tablet solutions: Mirror to TV, AirPlay, Control of Home Entertainment, Wi-Fi extensions.