We All Become Memories

We all become memories.

We all become memories.

I happened to see the last part of the last episode of the 2018 series “Call The Midwife”. It had a cine film running, projecting old images onto the screen. Vanessa Redgrave plays Jennifer Worth, the writer whose real-life stories formed the basis of the show. She says:

We flicker on a screen.
We fold and unfold upon the minds eye.
Brittle as wings.
Eternal as a heart beat.
And even when the heart falls silent.
We do not cease to be.
Because in the end….
We all become memories.

we all become memories

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Memories Live Longer than Dreams

Memories live longer than dreams! I have recently read a book that I was fascinated to find, is so relevant to my business, Personal Media Solutions. It is called “Stuffocation” authored by James Wallman.

In it, James Wallman quotes his grandfather saying “Memories live longer than dreams”. He then comments “Did he mean that the past is more important than the future? Or was he saying, as I have come to believe, that material dreams have their place, but that life is made up of memories, which come from experiences?”

Every time I digitise a family’s precious cine, video or photographic collection, I am reminded that I am providing a service that helps people share their precious family memories, making their “memories live longer than dreams”.

Here is the author explaining how the book came about:

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FT Tech Guys Article About VHS Tapes

You don’t often see articles about old “VHS tapes” theses days, but here is one from Peter Aspden in Saturday’s Financial Times, saying that “Videotapes, as I have found to my cost, disintegrate. Images become blurred, then disappear altogether”   This is why everyone should get all their precious video memories, that are still on old video tapes, digitised. The whole article can be read here http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/aea9f1f2-c100-11e1-853f-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1zN2hGkdf 

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